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Melissa Hetzler Burton

Melissa is a Christian singer, motivational speaker, and youth evangelist with over fifteen years of experience.  She graduated as valedictorian from Richmond School of Urban Ministry with a focus in youth and child development.  She is founder of Zechariah’s Song Ministries, which encompasses several ministry outreach programs.  She has lead numerous adult, youth, and children’s bible studies over the years; and has held positions as youth pastor, singles administrator, and women’s ministry director at several churches.  While managing her Christian band, she toured for over five years – singing and speaking on the topic of purity before marriage at over one hundred events a year.  She has been a Christian radio personality with her own weekly talk show, as well as serving in a contemporary Christian music station manager capacity.  She is also a web-designer and involved in social media marketing.  Her writing has been published in several Christian magazines; and she is also proud of the work she has done as a community outreach and charity ambassador, event planner, and interior designer.  Her “day job” is at Virginia Commonwealth University where she works as the financial and academic coordinator for the Center for Interprofessional Education in the Vice President’s office.  She and her husband Trevor have been married for five years, and she has two amazing step-children (Emily 14, Jacob 10).  God has instilled in her a passion for His word and the world; enabling her to combine the two and form what she hope is an evangelical witness for the furthering of His kingdom. She has dedicated her life to serving Christ through all aspects (Romans 12:6-8), and pursues this endeavor in the hopes that God will be glorified.  Her main goal is to bring the message of Jesus to a lost and dying world, and equip others to do the same.