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T3 Bible Study (#2) – May 19, 2016


  • What is our identity? How would you describe yourself? (wait for a couple responses)
  • Would you say you are a good person? (the bible is the standard of good … have you lied …)
  • None of us will live up to the standard ourselves but we have a get out of jail free card by placing our identity in Christ


  • Identity (Webster’s dictionary)
  1. Fact of being who or what a person is
  • “I just want to be me and have fun like a normal human” – we aren’t called to be normal and who we are supposed to be is who God has called us to be (in His image)
  • Ephesians 2:10 (God handiwork, IN Christ Jesus – not just with him … mother’s womb a part of (amplified version says recreated in Christ … we should be a clone … funny that the first thing that man cloned was a sheep), SHOULD walk in good works not just if we want to)
  1. A close similarity or affinity
  • Mirroring God’s righteousness
  • I Peter 2:9 (new king James: His own special/peculiar (strange or odd, belonging exclusively to, Latin means private property … New American standard version: Gods own possession), amplified version: You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a dedicated nation, Gods own purchased, special people, that you may set forth the wonderful deeds and display the virtues and perfection of Him who called you out of the darkness and into His marvelous light.


  • Cookie Analogy: Have you ever licked the cookie batter spoon? We all have … but have you ever wanted to lick just the baking soda? No it is bitter!  There are attributes that we have that make our lives a giant yummy cookie and all of them are necessary to form us even the not so great individual ingredients.  Sometimes I am sweet like the chocolate chips, sometimes I am a nut, sometimes I am self-rising flour puffed up and self-important, sometimes I am the bitter baking soda, sometimes I am the fat butter, sometimes I am the yeast lifting other up, but all of my qualities can make up a greater good if I apply them right.  We have to use the things we are given to make the best cookie we can!
  • Traveler vs tourist … what do you think the difference is?
  1. Tourist: a person who travels to a place for pleasure (synonym: rubbernecker)
  • Tour: tool for making circles, a brief turn … doesn’t sound like a lifetime commitment – more like a short term high
  • There is no real growth, pleasure seeker, we go back to the normal comfy life after our show and shallow agenda … we got good pictures but it didn’t change our life
  1. Travel: journey, go through or over a place, to go from place to place as a representative, to follow a given path
  • Old English: Travail: trouble, torment, work, labor, strive … takes risks, learns things, become experienced

*Do you want to be a tourist in the life of Christ or do you want to travel down the path he has set for you?

  • What does the identity of Jesus mean in your life and how are you applying the concept to your everyday living? (worksheet)

What is my identity?

Identity: The traits of a person that make them Rare, Unique, and Valuable

Rare: Marked by quality or appeal, very few: _____________________________________________



Unique: Very special, being without a duplicate: _____________________________________________



Valuable: Of great use or importance: _____________________________________________



Logo / Tagline

Draw a logo that reflects your character and develop a simple, creative statement to let others know who you are.


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