Respect For The Integrity Of Every Life!

Respect For The Integrity Of Every Life!

I received an email today from my employer … below are several excerpts:

“Over the past few weeks, we have seen hatred and disregard for life resurge in our own back yard, across our country and throughout the world in ways, many of us thought we would never see again.”

“I believe this means that we must further strengthen our message of respect and acceptance of all people. We must be direct and clear in this message, supporting one another in our efforts to convey respect for the integrity of every human being, every life.”

“For me, these last few weeks have felt like stepping backward in time. But I believe that we will move forward by gaining a greater understanding of what drives the hatred and disregard for human life that we see around us.”

While I think this was a well written and moving letter from the CEO/Vice President of VCU/MCV, and understanding that these words were written in the wake of some disturbing racial/political/hate-group demonstrations, my first thought in reading this was not about how I or anyone else react to the color of someone’s skin … my first thought was: “what if we applied this same rhetoric to the terrible hatred that is abortion?”!

One person died in Charlottesville because of the wickedness and selfishness in people’s hearts toward those who are different … and though that is one too many and I DO NOT condone hatred of those different than you … over 25 hundred babies are aborted in the US every day!  We will scream and cry and argue and relive the tragedy of Charlottesville for weeks on the news and Facebook willing to lose friends and stand up for our “convictions” (condolences to the family of Heather Heyer’s family who will live with this for the rest of their lives), we will take down monuments and try to “erase” history so we don’t have to be reminded of our past and failures, we will turn against our neighbor and divide our country to be “right and justified” … but who will cry for the unborn, who will stand up for what is right and try to erase the millions of murders, and who will heal our country and unite us in the REAL fight for “conveying respect for the integrity of every human being, EVERY LIFE”?!?!?!

I recently saw a powerful video of John MacArthur speaking about the biblical reasons “why Charlottesville happened” (link at the end of this article).  He attributed it to three foundational reasons:

  1. Breakdown of moral law
  2. Breakdown of the family
  3. Lack of respect for governing bodies (police)

In the same way I think these principles apply to the abortion debate as well …

  1. We have gone away from the biblical view of love. We do not value life and the fact that we are made in the image of God.  We have selfishness in our hearts and think more about what a child would do to us then what that child can do for us and the world.  We rid ourselves of anything that might cause stress or make us look bad (an unwanted pregnancy, a deformed child, the shame or guilt of a decision fueling our want to rid ourselves of the “consequences”).  We disregard what God says about the love between a man and a woman and what responsibilities we have to each other within the parameters of that union.  We set our lustful desires above the obedience of a God who knows what is best for us.  And when we find ourselves in a situation that isn’t optimal for us, we throw aside moral law and life itself.  We have become a society of death and then we wonder why there is so much disregard for human life in other areas of our mindset.
  2. When you disregard God’s structure of the family unit with rampant divorce rates, soaring out of marital conception numbers, gay unions, cultural disrespect for the father role, the government stepping in to teach our kids about sex (“safe” casual sex instead of abstinence), lack of discipline breeding an entitled generation, a porn driven society, and a “what is in it for me” mentality … no wonder there is no reverence for life on a basic scale!
  3. We have not only thrown aside believing in the government (whom we have elected according to our corrupt views about what is important), built a thriving disrespect for our civil servants (I agree there are police that take advantage of situations, but there are just as many people if not more judging men and women on the basis of what they might do), and treated our elders with disgrace … we have stopped having a healthy fear and reverence for the law of God. We believe we can say anything we please on social media because it is not face to face with anyone, we think our opinion is all that matters while lashing out at others when they think the same thing about their opinion, and we allow adults to act like children because there is no discipline or consequences in our homes.

In my home state of Virginia this is coming to light in the fight for life against our governor (McAuliffe).  He has gone against laws that allow for stricter regulations of abortion clinics to ensure a safer experience for women.  In rolling back restrictions this allows clinics to operate in unsafe ways to make more money.  He also “awarded” Planned Parenthood (a company that was essentially founded as a way to keep the amount of black children born in this country at a lower rate) government funding to operate.  And now Planned Parenthood is thanking him by backing his political agenda and pouring campaign money into pro-abortion candidates (how is this even legal?!?!?!?!).  But at least one group is fighting back! (Link in bottom of article)  We need more people to stand up and fight for life and to let it be known, that just like taking a life because of racial discrimination, it is not acceptable to take a life by abortion either!

So today let us go forward with pure, unadulterated, Godly love (for our fellow man, for the unborn, for ourselves, and most importantly for God).  Let us break the chains of sin and death.  Let us value life in every form – not just what looks like us or makes us comfortable.

With love for EVERYONE,


John MacArthur video I referenced:

Abortion/McAuliffe article I referenced:


Stake – The Supporting Factor

Stake – The Supporting Factor

Lately I have been waiting (probably not as patiently as I should) on God for direction and have felt like I am in a weird state of limbo and confusion.  Have you ever felt like you are in a million places all at once and you aren’t really accomplishing anything, or you don’t know who you are or how you feel about anything but you can’t just go hide in a hole because people are depending on you?  You know there is something wrong but you don’t know what it is or how to communicate it! I was (trying to) explain this to a friend Wednesday night and then I came home to this note from my husband:

*Let me preface this note by saying I have a potted tree that is bending over and asked Trevor to pick up a stake so we can “straighten it out”.

“I was thinking about this stake on the way home.  How it will be the supporting factor that will straighten the tree and hold it upright.  How true is that about God in our life and marriage?  We sometimes might get tired, worn out, and be leaned over like that tree.  But then comes our God in the form of a stake and puts us back upright and holds us there on our journey.  And even more – he gave us each other.  I love that you are my stake given by God and I also love being your stake as well.  A stake … such a simple item, but what an important job it does.  Thank you for being mine.  Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for you in my life and what you mean to me.  I love you so much.”

After my AWWWWWWW moment and some hugs I got to thinking … and since I am a word person I looked it up in the dictionary…


  1. (noun) a strong wooden or metal post with a point at one end, driven into the ground to support a tree, form part of a fence, act as a boundary mark
  • God is our support system when we are tossed about by the storms of this world … but if our roots are not grounded like they should be, we are liable to fall over at the slightest wisp of wind!
  • The Holy Spirit is the security fence that keeps us safe. If we play in the yard then that fence will hold the world at bay… but if we open the gate to just anyone then thieves can come in and steal our toys.
  • Jesus and the bible are our boundary mark … when we are feeling like we want to rebel or don’t know our direction then we can look to these to keep us in line and find our way home.
  1. (verb) to mark an area with stakes so as to claim ownership of it
  • If we claim to be a Christian, then God has a claim of ownership on our hearts. I am reminded by the movie “Far and Away” when all of the western settlers make a mad dash to claim the perfect piece of land.  There were people cheating, stealing, killing, and fighting to get what they wanted.  The world will do whatever necessary to get a piece of you and that is why we have to be staked/claimed by God and not sell off pieces of ourselves to the highest (and most of the time cheapest) bidder.


So this week I am challenging myself to lean on God, lean on my husband, obey the bible, and rest in the safety of my Lord!  He controls the storms and straightens me out when I am bent over by the weight of the world!



Ephesians 3: 20-21  “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

Deuteronomy 31:8 “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

Luke 8:25 “Where is your faith?” he asked his disciples. In fear and amazement they asked one another, “Who is this? He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him.”

Job 21:18  “How often are they like straw before the wind, like chaff swept away by a gale?”

Mark 4:39  “He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.”